Can be categorized into 4 types.

  1. Flat Belts
  2. V – Belts
  3. Ropes Belts
  4. Timing Belts


Flat Belts

Flat belts or can be called conveyor belts, play an important role in many industries. Mostly use for conveying parts, packaging and bulk products. There are 3 types which are Light drives, Medium drives and Heavy drives respectively.

  1. Light Drives
  2. Medium Drives
  3. Heavy Drives

V – Belts

V-belts are the type of drive belt used for power transmission which mostly used in factories. V-belts are suitably used for low speed machine. There are several types which are Classical V-belts, Narrow V series and Classical V cog belts and others


Ropes Belts

Ropes belts can be easily fused by heat, allowing for any length to be accommodated. With the excellence material properties(polyurethane), help prevent abrasion, tearing and are lubricant resistant.

Timing Belts

Timing belts are considered as tooth profile enables smooth meshing and distribute low noise emission in high torque transmission. Reinforced with the fiberglass cord and rubber with excellent durability helps prevent wear.

Power Transmission Belts

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